Hi guys as you will recall I have posted in the past instructions for getting scratches out of paint protection film.

Here is one of a number of emails I have recieved to illustrate that a good detailer following our instructions can get scratches out of PPF

The instructions I have posted work for XPEL Film, Avery Film, some generic brands and may work for Ventureshield (although there are no guarantees) we have managed to make it work on our tests so I am pretty confident on that.

"Tom,as you may be aware,and on your recommendation i have had XXX detail the Quattroporte.
Wow,what a difference.The car looks better than when i took delivery of it. XXX has worked his magic again.
Having eliminated the scratch on the boot when i was up with your goodselves, he has now done the same to the scratches that were down the side of the car.This,combined with the professional and diligent manner of his work,has resulted in one very relieved and happy customer.His standards of work are exceptional and to top it all,he's nice chap.What more can one ask for.
I would like to thank you and Anne for the introduction to XXX and look forward to continuing to do business with you all in the future.

I have deleted the name as it would be unfair to Dave to promote another detailer (even though they know each other) .

Dave and "worker drone" are doing this as well and have been equally successful I understand

with 3M the old standard of the Iso propyl aclohol trick is still the correction technique of preference.